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Master of Health Sciences Program

Program Overview

Program Purpose

The Master of Health Sciences program in Academic Health Sciences Studies is designated to prepare and advance educational leaders and scholars who will promote excellence in teaching and learning, translate theory and novel strategies to the learning environment, expand the evidence base in health professions education, and link education, research and practice in transforming systems of healthcare.

Program Description

The Master of Health Sciences program is designed for credentialed health professionals interested in pursuing or advancing their careers in academic health sciences. Candidates from across the healthcare spectrum are welcome to apply to this innovative interprofessional program. The rich variety of health professional backgrounds brings a wide range of voices and perspectives to the program, creating a truly diverse experience.

The MHS in Academic Health Sciences is a competency-based 36 credit program, which can be completed part-time in approximately two years. The program's flexible format meets the needs of working professionals by offering required and elective courses online, with a one-week intensive on-campus summer residency in Boston.

Residency Requirements

Prior to the completion of the capstone project, candidates will be expected to attend a one-week residency at MCPHS University in Boston, MA, in July. The University is located in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area (LMA). Within an approximate 20 square block campus, MCPHS University is situated among several prestigious academic and healthcare institutions. Boston is accessible to any commuter. Use the "T" (Boston's public transportation network) to get from our campus to your residency within minutes.

Program Competencies

The MHS program in Academic Health Sciences is based on core competencies outlined in the Springer Series on Medical Education, edited by Steven Jonas, MD, Volume 12, Successful Faculty in Academic Medicine: Essential Skills and How to Acquire Them; the National League for Nursing: Core Competencies of Nurse Educators; and evidence-based research in faculty development in health professions education.


The Master of Health Sciences program in Academic Health Sciences prepares a new generation of health professionals to serve as health professions educators and leaders for schools and training programs related to medicine, public health, nursing, and other health professions. Graduates may serve as faculty, department chairs, deans, curriculum coordinators and clinical training directors in academic institutions or staff development coordinators, training directors, and continuing education professionals in healthcare organizations.

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Prerequisite Course Requirements

  • An earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Experience, interest or current employment in healthcare
  • GRE scores (if graduated less than five years ago)
  • A minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 90 (internet-based), 213 (computer-based) or 550 (written) for all candidates for whom English is not their primary language


The curriculum for the Master of Health Sciences in Academic Health Sciences consists of 36 total credits in:

Health Professions Education Across the Higher Education Spectrum
Educator Competencies in Academic Health Sciences
Interprofessional Core Competencies for Health Professionals
Classroom, Clinical and Simulation Learning for Health Professionals
Health Professions Program Development, Evaluation and Accreditation
Leading Programs, Departments and Schools of Health Sciences
Scholarship and Research in Academic Health Settings
MCPHS Online Elective (500 level or above)
MCPHS Online Elective (500 level or above)
MCPHS Online Elective (500 level or above)
Academic Health Sciences Capstone Project
Academic Health Sciences Residency Seminar (one-week intensive)

Tuition & Fees

Students enrolled in all graduate degree programs at MCPHS Online during the 2014–2015 academic year will pay $850/credit hour.

There are no fees in addition to the cost of tuition for MCPHS Online students in the 2014–2015 academic year, so students can estimate that a three-credit course in this program will cost $2550. Books are not included in the cost of tuition and must be factored in separately. The cost of books will vary by course.

Financial Aid

An education is an investment. And we don’t think you’ll find a better return on your investment than by earning your degree from MCPHS University. Our Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) is available to guide students through the process of securing funding to cover education costs. A dedicated staff member will help you apply for financial aid, review all sources of funding available to you and assist you with completing the paperwork necessary for disbursement.

For more information, contact Student Financial Services at 603.314.1729.

Next Steps

If you are applying for admission to MCPHS Online for spring 2014, complete The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at The MCPHS University college code for the FAFSA is 002165. You do not need to be accepted at the University in order to apply.

If you are applying for admission to MCPHS Online for fall 2014, please complete the FAFSA after January 1, 2014.


To qualify for admission, prospective applicants must be credentialed health professionals. Admission decisions are based on:

  • An earned bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • Proof of credentials as a health professional
  • Experience or current employment in healthcare
  • GRE scores (required if graduated less than five years ago; not required with earned graduate degree or more than five years work experience)
  • A minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 90 (internet-based), 213 (computer-based), or 550 (written) for all candidates for whom English is not their primary language

Once your application is received, the Admission Office will notify you of any missing items that we require for your application to be considered complete. We review all files on a "rolling basis" and will make a decision once all application materials are received.

Priority Filing Date

The priority filing date for this program is November 15 each year for a spring semester start and June 1 for a fall semester start. We continue to review applications until all available seats in the program have been filled.

Additional Links

Information for MCPHS University Alumni

If you are a graduate of MCPHS University and need to request your transcripts for admission to an MCPHS Online program, please click here to learn how to request your official transcript.


Feel free to call 617.879.5022 or e-mail us with any questions you have about the application process.

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Technical, Non-Academic Standards

In conjunction with the applicable academic and accreditation standards, the faculty in each of the programs at MCPHS University has established certain abilities and characteristics defined as technical standards. Candidates for enrollment in programs at MCPHS University must meet these technical standards, which may include but are not limited to observation, communication, sensory and motor coordination and function, intellectual, conceptual, integrative and quantitative abilities, and behavioral and social attributes. These standards may be met with or without reasonable accommodations. Please carefully review the technical standards for the program to which you have applied. The standards can be found in the MCPHS University College Catalog on the MCPHS University website. If you have questions regarding technical standards, please contact the Office of Admission immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have a bachelor’s degree to apply for the program?

Yes; you must have a bachelor’s degree in healthcare or a related field.

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Do I need to take the GRE or any other entrance exam?

Yes, this program requires the GRE if you graduated with your undergraduate degree within the last five years.

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Is there a minimum grade point average (GPA) for admission?

Yes; you must have a minimum GPA of 2.8 or higher for admission to the program.

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How much healthcare-related work experience is required to be eligible to apply for the program?

We value any healthcare-related experience and encourage you to contact the Admission Office for consideration.

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Does this program grant me any additional certifications or licenses upon completion?

No, this program does not provide any additional certifications or licenses, but does grant a master’s degree upon completion.

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How does an online program operate? What is expected of the student?

The student should anticipate spending about three hours per credit hour each week on learning activities. Faculty expects each student to access the course website no less than three times per week. For more information regarding the online education experience, we encourage you to visit our general FAQs section.

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